On Arrival

What to expect at pick-up – the arrival procedure

You can get to the branch from the airport on your day of pick-up with our free shuttle bus service – visit your branch location page for more information.

Allow about an hour at the branch to pick up your campervan, remember our branches close at 4.30pm.

You’ll need to show us your driver licence (and official translation or international licence if non English licence). It’s the law to carry both of these at all times when driving in New Zealand.

Our crew will take through your rental agreement (link to this) and take a swipe of your credit card. Remember to let your bank know you are travelling to avoid credit card issues.

You will then get to meet your vehicle with a personalised show-through by one of our crew, they will tell you all the ins and outs of making the most of your campervan

There is a lot to take in and we want you to feel comfortable, confident and safe in your campervan so take some time to familiarise yourself and ask any questions of our crew before you depart.

Then you are ready to get on your way.