Long hire campervan rates

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maui campervans nz long hire rates

If you are thinking of travelling with us for over 21 days, you may find that you qualify for a discount off our 5 – 20 day standard rates. This discount is automatically calculated in our online booking system.

If hiring a rental vehicle for 21–34 days, you will be eligible for 8% off the daily standard rental rate and if you are lucky enough to be on the road for over 35 days, you’ll enjoy a 15% discount.

If your motorhome hire adds up to over 100 days, please contact our helpful Reservations team who can discuss further options with you.

Please note that these discounts do not apply to the maui Premium Package and if you are booking one of our special offers these long hire rates may not apply.

Book before 03 December 2016.



 If you travel for 50 days or more you will benefit from our Long Hire Super Service. This includes:

1. Free Extra Linen per bed

2. Valet Service - visit any maui location while on hire and have your vehicle detailed. Please call ahead by a minimum of 48 hours for this service.

3. LPG Gas Bottle Exchange - allows you to swap the LPG Gas bottle at any time at any of our branches. The gas bottle is used to operate the gas stove and to heat the hot water in vehicles with a hot water facility.

4. Vehicle Safe Service Check - visit any maui location while on hire to have checks carried out on oil and water, visual brake pads, tyre and windscreen wiper blades. Please call ahead by a minimum of 48 hours for this service.